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Week 1, Lukas Letter

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Week 1, Lukas Letter

Post  Lukas on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:54 am

Dear, Dudes Name Here!
I send this letter with the utmost importance, I've found various odd facts during my travels with the group. Most importantly although no one has died, thankfully. Yet I have found something extremely odd about the group. It seems the capability to learn is beyond any normal man, it almost supernatural. I've watched them in a few days go from a okay swordsman. To men who appear to be battle tested. Whats even weirder then basically they well effect those around them. I started here with a years worth of combat experience, now I have learned more in these short days then I ever have. My skill and ability has increased exponentially, my intelligence, my dexterity, my everything has also shot through the roof. Normal things i couldn't do before have become easy to do by simply being around them. I didn't even train in said thing yet my ability to do it is above normal, It unbelievable. Within another few weeks they might start surpassing the most seasoned crusaders, which is odd those men have fought thousands of battles, yet within a month there strength is at a level unpredictable. I started out heads over stronger then them, but now they have far surpassed me....I am unsure of how this is possible. At first I felt comfortable with being able to dispatch them if I'm scared for my life if they turn against me. This is based after our encounter with a Arch-Demon who transformed from a small red creature to a giant one that radiated heat. I struck it and my weapon became hot, while Conrad struck one swift blow, that seemed to shift the air around it and create a boom which dispersed the flames from the transformed demons head. This would in turn force the Minator controlling demon to revert to its smaller form and then the other darker skinned boy fired a bolt of light which evaporated the demon. I was jaw shocked at this friend....I fear these men. They have not shown me any sense of good and have a air of unpredictability. They might be a danger, although I am not sure. They have had a trend that seems to be following in a sort of way my example of doing reasonable things. Besides the little demon excursion that occurred which I voted to not involve ourselves with. I warn they could be a great danger or a great help, I am not sure.....We plan to report to Lord Gimaiejrkafhuianbe in the morn, then press on with our adventures. We previously moved from the harbor town and moved down stream here, where the Quest of clearing a cavern happened and the hole demon thing went down. For location purposes, I may although be marring a Earl's daughter from England. If so I'd send a spy here to alert me when I can level, but regardless I'd advise to keep your best man on these men. Powerful nutjobs isn't always positive, by powerful I mean stronger then you...which by knowing how terrifying you are is saying a lot. I kind of went on a tangient, but I meant to hit on the previous town before them easily vangushing multiple Minators and the Arch Demon. The town we were dropped off at was attacked and taken over by black raiders with that town....they manipulated an guards men into...hating Jews and blaming them for a murder, they some how did this and got away scott free...which questions myself as a guard..they guys weren't idiots. This men are so strange. They also made a girl commit sucicide. Who was being pinned for a event of murder that happened at a inn after the first we ran up on. They even had an effect on me...I was brought to do things in the habor town i never would have done...another manipulative strange thing about them. I have been fighting furiously not give into whatever odd aura of corruption they give and have since the Demon ordeal sobered up and became feeling like my old-self. Again another danger of them, one thing I'd like to point out is that Dafydid, the man has shown great character and morals to of justice and keep things reasonable and stood against the group when they attempted to do something stupid. He is the only of the group who seems to keep some piece of sanity. I am trying to lead them down a path were they live, maybe you want them in more conflicts so you can have more data on them in combat. I will stay as long as needed....I might want double the amount agreed...after having this insane things happening Demons and Giants...a awful way to start in just a few days, if I survive of course. I will try my best to lead them in a straighter path the best I can. One last thing Bryan might be staying at the town of Lord Gakgnjdaiofjalkjfdaoi in the mountain were we encountered the demon. With theses odd small earth manipulators who now are moving in the deeper area of the mountain were the Demon layer was. One other thing the demon was actually moved up in the small earth manipulators level. Because they were forced out by something that hadn't been seen in thousands of years(The quest was to clear a mine that was infested with these small things, they moved up because the Demon moved up which was forced up by a deeper darker ancient evil, we vanguished the level below so that we could move the small guys below.) You might want to investigate the place and get rid of the ancient evil. As we are leaving after collecting are rewards. Thats about it, I'll report in another week or so depending on what happens.

With Deep Respect, Lukas Vickers


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